Sunday, May 24, 2015

A New Challenge

Hello friends!!  I hope that you all are enjoying Memorial Day weekend!!  Here in Indy, that means hide!!  With the Indy 500 going on this weekend, that usually means alot of craziness going on, and everybody drives around like they think they are on the racetrack!!  I've been once, not sure I will go again, but I've learned to never say never!!

I wanted to share will you all that I am going to do a challenge called Journaling by 5's (JB5).  The reason I am doing this is because it will force me to think out of the box, and it is a TIMED challenge!! (insert laughter!) There are a total of 5 sessions, 10 different medias (2 per session), 15 minutes per session, and 20 pages!!  I've already made my own 20 page journal to do this and I will be video taping my progress and sharing it here with you!  Aren't you excited about that!!  Ha!!

Here is what will be in each session:

Session 1:  Background - paint, ink
Session 2:  Texture - collage/craft, recycled
Session 3:  Pattern - stamps, stencils
Session 4:  Focal Point - words, images
Session 5:  Details - pen, pencil

So you all who know me, know that I can take 1 day to complete just 1 page!!  With this challenge I will have to get each session done on all 20 pages in 15 minutes!!  Gulp!!!  Shannon Green is the person who created this challenge and here is a link to her YouTube video explaining the process:  She is extremely funny and I am looking forward to seeing if I can really do this!!  Shannon  also has a facebook page dedicated to the JB5 process where we can share our journey, ask questions, and most importantly, laugh!!  Here is a link to her facebook page:  I hope that I will bring you all laughter and smiles on your faces as I embark on this challenge!!  It is my goal to start the first challenge today and be done by Friday, especially since I leave for Ohio on Saturday to FINALLY go see my new great niece!!  Wish me luck and let the fun begin!!

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