Saturday, January 3, 2015

Home Made Gesso

Hi there friends!  I have also been asked for my recipe for my home made gesso.  I use gesso on just about everything!  It's great as a primer for a canvas or as a base coat on a mixed media page.  I also use it to tone down colors if I've painted something too bright or to add texture to an element I've used on a page.

1/4 Cup Baby Powder
1/4 Cup Water
1/2 Cup White Craft Paint
1/4 Cup White Craft Glue

Now because I use so much gesso, I will double the recipe!!  I store this in a cleaned up salsa jar, that way I can seal it up good with the lid!  It is also tintable with acrylic paints.  I've also tinted mine with embossing powders and gelatos by Faber Castelle.

The fun is endless!!  I really get a feeling of satisfaction when I not only create something, but part of my creation began with a hand made base!!

Home Made Texture Paste

Hi there friends!!  I have had a lot of requests on how I make my texture paste (aka modeling paste).  It's really quite simple and I store it in a cleaned up salsa jar!  Here is the recipe that I use:

1-1/2 Cups of baby powder
1/2 Cup of white craft paint
1/4 Cup of white craft glue

Now, here are a few tips.  Just purchase cheap baby powder, you don't need to use the name brand stuff.  You can purchase cheap white craft paint, no need to go buy the expensive stuff.  White craft glue, like white school glue will work just fine.  NOTE:  I used Aleens Tacky Glue and my paste is WAY sticky!!  I have to water it down every time I use it on a project!  Live and learn lol!!  You can adjust the consistency of the texture paste, if you want it thicker, add more baby powder, if you want it thinner, add more craft paint.

If you want your texture paste to have some "grit" to it, add a little bit of sand.  This texture paste is also easily tintable by just adding some acrylic paint.  I also like to add some of my embossing powders to it as well!  The sky is the limit!!  I have used this paste on a canvas for texture and I have also used it with my stencils and it works perfect.  It also drys well with my heat tool and will also bubble when you get the heat tool too close.  Sometimes I like that bubble effect!  The choice is yours!

Mixed Media Christmas Tree

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to all of you!  I hope that you all enjoyed this holiday season!  I am fortunate to work in an industry (education) that I get time off during the holidays, but the time always seems to go by much too quickly!  Jim and I were really excited this year because we got to have ALL the kids home with ALL the grandkids for a weekend!!  That hasn't happened in over 3 years, so that was the best Christmas present of all!!

So, in keeping with the season, I have created a mixed media Christmas tree!  The inspiration for this project did come from pinterest, but I cannot find where.  So when I do, I will be sure to give credit where credit is due.  But I will say that whenever I use an image for inspiration, my creation doesn't end up looking like what inspired me!!  That is the beauty of art!

So, from my family to yours, Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!  May all your dreams and wishes come true in 2015!!  Stay safe, be happy, and create some magic!!