Monday, May 16, 2011

Here I am!!!

Well, this is my very first post here!  I am setting up this blog so that I can share my love of scrapbooking with people who share my passion for paper crafts!!!   I am sure the look of this blog will change as I learn more about how this whole thing works!!!

Here is a little bit about me!  I have lived in Indiana since 2005, but grew up in Cleveland, Ohio!!  I have been married for almost 26 years now!!  And that is an accomplishment!!  I have two sons, both in college!!  I also have a soon to be daughter-in-law and a beautiful new grandaughter who is just 6 weeks old today!!  We also have a 2 yr old "puppy" named Sophie, and she is a lovable mutt!!  They are all the joys of my life!!

I work as a special education teaching assistant in a life skills classroom at a local high school!!  This is my 17th school year working with special needs students and I still love what I do for a living!  I am blessed to be able to get up and look forward to going to work each day!!  I will do this until my body says that I can't!!

I've only been scrapbooking since 2007 and I've learned so much and I look forward to sharing my work with others and learning from each other!!!  So, as I get this blogging thing all figured out, hopefully this page will reflect my personality and my "style"!!!  I look forward to posting and hearing from anyone out there who loves scrapbooking and paper crafts as much as I do!!!



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