Monday, July 18, 2011

Full of Ideas

Well, I had a super conversation with a dear friend this evening!  And as I was trying to sleep, my mind was just racing with so many ideas for this blog!!  There is so much I want to share!!  I have many friends who are so talented when it comes to paper crafting!!  From scrapbooking to card making!!  Whether you use your Cricut Expression to add detail to your project or use your Cricut Gypsy to design your own details, these women are an inspiration to me!!  Or even if you are really creative and create without using technology, share with us!!!   I would like to use this blog to share with you the many projects we all work on!!

Right now, a few of my friends are working on cards for a few of the local children's hospitals.  Just simple cards, easy & quick to make.  Something that families who have loved ones in the hospital can use or just a card to cheer up a patient in a sometimes not so cheery place.  What an awesome idea!!  And it also kind of touched my heart.  How many of us know someone who's day would be made just a little bit better when they open their mailbox and find a homemade card, made just for them.  I hope to snap a few photos of some of these amazing cards to share with you.  I hope that they will inspire you to make a card to send to a loved one, or maybe someone you know that just needs to hear a "hello"!!!

I would love to have some of these talented women share some of the pages they create with you.  To share with you some of the techniques they use in creating their treasures of paper crafting.  So much of this creativity would not be possible, to the extent it has become, if it weren't for this adorable little scrapbook store we all love to spend our money at !! The store is called Just A Little Bit Moore and they are located in Mooresville Indiana.  These women are true angels, and take such good care of us as we create and laugh along the way.

I think it would be neat to share things like our favorite quotes for journaling, kind of like a quote of the week kind of thing.  And as my followers grow, how fun would it be to do challenges once in a while to help us jump start those creative minds of ours!!  The more we share, the more we grow, and the more we grow, the more we contribute to our families and our communities.  It is my hope to update this blog as often as possible, so that we may all learn from each other, and pass that knowledge on to others who share a love for paper crafting!!

The look of this blog will change over time as I learn how to design it to reflect who I am and what I stand for in this crazy thing called life.  If you have any ideas you would like to share, please do so!  I welome any an all input on how to make this a place for all to share!!!

I am going to have to learn how to post pictures here, as well as some videos, not to mention sharing with you the adventures we all have on this wonderful journey!!  If you've made it to the end of this post, thank you!!  I can only hope that there will be many many more posts to come (only not at 3am!!)


Leslie McGrath


  1. So anxious as well Leslie to see where your blog can take us all! I also have been wanting to blog...but can't think of a name...we will see...I'm sure you will inspire me! :) Best of luck to you my friend!

  2. Well, we are off and running!! I have some photos to post, as soon as I figure out how to do that!!! But they are pics of cards that have been made so far for the children's hospitals. I want to inspire other women to reach out!! Those cards were so cute and made from SCRAPS!!! Thanks for your support my friend!! It means more than I can say!!!


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