Saturday, June 15, 2013

What is scrapbooking to you??

What is scrapbooking to you??  Do you do it to be crafty, is it a social thing??  Is it a way to relax or a way to preserve memories for yourself or for your family?  Is it about heritage??  For me, it's all of the above.

This "hobby" as my husband puts it, is a way for me to be creative, it's a way for me to escape the craziness in my life.  And, at the same time, I am creating something for my children and grandchildren to have.  Something they can hold on to and reflect back on their lives, and hopefully they will see how much they were loved by me, as they look at each page that was so carefully created!!

A dear friend of mine encouraged me to do something when my grandaughter was born.  She told me to be sure to get a photo of Khloe (my grandaughter) holding onto my mother's hand.  Khloe is blessed to have BOTH her great grandmothers still living and we try to get as many photos of them with her as possible.  She will  someday look back at these pages and see just how much "grammy" and "nanny" loved her!

The first year Khloe was born I was crazy busy making 4 8x8 scrapbooks of Khloe's first year for the "grandmas"!!  It took ALOT of work, but I was so encouraged by all of my scrapping girlfriends!  I think that it was just as much a labor of love for them as it was for me!!  So here is the 8x8 2 page layout I did of Khloe holding onto great grandma's finger (my mom) and a photo of all 4 generations (my mom, myself, my son and Khloe).  I know that it is a "simple" layout, but I think that it speaks volumes.

This next two page layout is of my mom holding Khloe, she was about 3 months old here.  Khloe is her first great grandchild!

Like I said, these pages are nothing fancy, but they speak volumes of how much her great grandma loves her.  So, as I asked before, what is scrapbooking to you??  Please feel free to share with us!  I hope that you enjoy my creations and that they inspire you to create and save your heritage with those you love!




  1. I'm glad I read this post. I'm going to get a picture of Chase grasping my Mom's finger

  2. Kara told me to make sure to get that pic with my mom. If my memory serves me, she had a pic like that of loralei and her mother, and then her mother passed suddenly just after. The picture means the world to her and I hope that this will have the same meaning for khloe when she is older!!


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